Saturday, January 3, 2015

What Judges are Looking for in Summer Intensive Auditions

It's summer intensive audition season! Thinking of that gives me the chills. It is personally nerve racking because it is hard to know what the judges are looking for in order to get in. So, with a little research among the various companies I have come up with some criteria that judges are looking for. 

It's obvious that the judges are looking for technique and ability level. On one of my audition forms has a rubric kind of thing and they are looking for physique, flexibility, turn out, turns, petite allegro, grand allegro, and strength. My tips for getting good marks is make a list of things that you struggle with technique wise. These include habits that you have. For example, I could put that I raise my shoulders and my fingers and face tense up when I am concentrating. Or if you struggle with adagio, like me, focus on adagio in technique class and remember correction. Of course there is more but I am not going to bore you with my long list. Also, make sure you stretch and do core work EVERY NIGHT from now on. Don't be worried if you aren't perfect in all these elements. If judges see you have potential and that you are teachable you have no reason to worry.

In auditions, having a personality is key. However, this does not mean goofing off. If the girl or boy behind you has a smile on his face and you are straight faced as Kanye West is in most of his photos, they are most likely going to pick him or her. You want to show them that you love dancing. They aren't going to pick someone that they think doesn't like dancing. Also, a good attitude is something they are looking for. If you mess up try not to show it or get mad at yourself. The judges might not even notice the mistake and if they do it will be seen that you have a good attitude.

No matter what have fun. Just relax and everything will come naturally. Good luck!

Courtesy of Examiner

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