Friday, January 9, 2015

Finding Confidence

One of the things that is said most often to me is that I need to have more confidence. I think to myself it isn't just that easy. So, how do you find confidence? The dictionary definition is as follows: "a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something." Just reading the words feels empowering doesn't it? If you believe that you can you will! It's not as hard as you think. Now for a little story 3...2...1...

The winter of 2014 I was about to audition for my first summer intensive at Ballet West. I remember being so nervous I could barely talk. It was in a setting I had never been in before. 80 girls packed into a studio, a piano player, different teaching syllabus, and the whole class was on pointe. I was not doing well. In between barre and center I remember thinking to myself, " I need to relax." I pretending that I was just taking a regular class. Once in that mindset I was more comfortable. When I was dancing I was doing way better than before. Long story short, I was accepted! It made me realize that I can do anything if I have the right mindset. I also realized that beating myself down isn't going to get me anywhere. Great story right?

Finally, I will link to Juliet Doherty's TED talk. It was about being great. Everybody can be great and is great in their own way. It is time for dancer to stop comparing themselves. If we do we will never be happy because there is always someone better than us. One of my favorite quote from her speech is, "It is time for you to stop competing and start dancing." Of course you will still be in the competitions that you enter in, but the score that is on the sheet does not define you. Another favorite quote of hers that is, "I authorize myself to be great." Remember, you are the only person that make yourself be great. 

Keep this is in mind whenever you are feeling down on yourself or when in a stressful situation. When in the right mindset, the sky is the limit. We are all great in our own ways. Authorize yourself to be great. 

Courtesy of: Polyvore

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