Thursday, February 19, 2015

The DON'TS of Taking Ballet Pictures

Every dancer will get a photo taken of them for whatever reason: Instagram, Christmas Cards, audition photos, you name it. But there is a right way to do them. At least if you actually want to be taken seriously.

1. Tuck in your ribbons!- I went to Ballet West's performance of Swan Lake and in the program was a picture of a obviously inexperienced dancer's feet en pointe. That's not the point (He He get it).  HER RIBBONS WERE COMPLETELY OUT!¡! I can understand if your ribbons come out in class (and in class only) on accident, but when you are taking a picture of only your feet, it's not that hard to tuck in your ribbons.
Courtesy of: Durham Jones & Pinegar

2. Have good technique- oooohhh where do I even start with this? It is pretty self explanatory. Instead of explaining my self I will show you a video where someone has absolutely no ballet training but decided to film an ad anyway.
Seriously, what the f**k is this?
Courtesy of: Free People

Has she really been dancing since she was three? I don't think so. Here are some links to the response of the public. People were obviously not happy so they hired professionals to do it instead. Thank god.

Much better
Courtesy of: Ballet Zaida

I found this parody of the Free People ad and it was absolutely hilarious. I peed myself a little. Here it is .

3. Wear the right outfit- you shouldn't be taking dance pictures in skinny jeans. It's just common sense. If you want to look more casual in your photos I suggest wearing a leo with no tights and your hair down.
Probably not a good idea
Courtesy of: Img Arcade

Those are all my tips for ballet photos. If you have any other suggestions leave them in the comments!

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