Friday, March 6, 2015

Tips and tricks to keep your pointe shoes alive

Someday I will find a way to make pointe shoes that never die. But until then, there are tricks that could give a couple hours of life to them.

Re-hardening the Shank

Floor Wax Method

You will need:
•Floor Wax (with acrylic in otherwise it won't work)

•Old toothbrush (Or your brother's)

•Dead pointe shoes



1. Lay down newspaper and maybe wear something that you don't mind ruining incase of an accident

2. Preheat oven to 200ºF

3. Squirt some floor wax into the pointe shoe. Warning: It comes out fast

4. Immediately brush the toothbrush everywhere that there is floor wax

5. Do it a second time if you wish

6. Put foil on a cookie sheet and set your shoes on the cookie sheet

7. Turn the off the oven. I repeat: TURN OFF THE OVEN. If you do not it is guaranteed that your house will burn down. That will suck

8. Take a nap

Jet Glue method

*Where you glue depends on where you break in the shoe the most. I'm just showing you how I do it

You will need:
•Jet Glue or Super Glue

•Dead pointe shoes



1. Lay down that newspaper

2. Fold down the heel

3. Apply the glue on the edge of the shank where your arch is

4. If your box is broken down squirt it in the bottom of the shoe like so

5. On the sole of your shoe, spread the glue on the arch. Do not put any on the ball of your foot or on the tip. You will slip which will end in  disaster and humiliation

6. Prop up against a wall so the glue dries evenly.

If none of these methods work try CPR... jk

Tips for keeping your shoes from dying too fast

1. Take your pointe shoes out  of your bag at night so they dry out. Sweat softens the shank so drying them hardens it back up.

2. Learn to pull up out of you shoes. If everything in your body is relaxed you are putting all your weight on the shoes. They will die much faster

3. I always use two or three pairs of shoes at a time. No, I do not have 6 legs. What I mean is that you shouldn't wear the same pair of shoes for a week. Switch off your shoes everyday. 

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