Sunday, May 3, 2015

All the buns!

Are you tired of the average doorknob bun? Well, be glad you found this post because you will no longer be average and neither will you bun. In fact, you are already much cooler than what you were before you read my blog. Anyway, these buns look clean but also are super easy to do.

1. The classical ballet bun (aka cinnamon bun)

 Ok, so I know that I just said that these buns are not average but it is important to know how to do the basics. For auditions and stuff it is better to look professional than cool. I am also not talking about Cinnabon. Sorry. 


•Put your hair a ponytail. I good height is in the same line as your chin to your cheekbone

•Separate your pony tail into two sections. If you have thin hair, like me, you can tease the two sections so your bun can be big enough to actually be seen. You can also use more than two sections if you have thick hair.

•Now, take the farthest section. This is opposite piece to the way you twisting your hair so if you are twisting to the right you take the left section. Twist it around your pony tail a quarter to a half way around.

•Take the other section and start twisting it over the existing twist. I'm probably not making any sense. I apologize

•Continue to do these steps pinning as you go and it should look like this
Not my hair
Courtesy of: Pixgood

2. The Balanchine bun

George Balanchine wanted a bun that could be seen from the front as well as the side on stage. The bun goes down your head instead of you around your ponytail. This is personally my favorite. However, it will take some practice to get it right. I would also recommend using a hair piece if you have shorter hair. My hair is pretty long so I don't use one. 


•Put it in a high ponytail using the same rule as before

•Start out by twisting your hair around your hair like a regular bun once

•Put your finger on your hair and twist your hair around it creating a second bun

•Keep doing this down your head until you run out of hair. 

•Finally put a hair net around it so looks neat.

•It should look like this if you did it right
Again, not my hair :(

If you are still confused which I'm sure you are watch this video by Kathryn Morgan who is a former soloist with New York City Ballet. She does a very good job at explaining it.

3. The French Twist 

This isn't exactly a bun but it looks very professional and looks good on all head types. Most people have heard of it and it takes  A LOT of practice to get it down. 


• Part your hair on either side ride above the arch of the eyebrow. I part my hair on the left so if your part your hair on the right the steps will twist your hair the opposite way.

• Now, spray your hair with water or use gel and slick it down to a low ponytail without actually putting a ponytail on it

•Hold your hair with your left hand and with your right hand use your index finger and hook your hair around it

•Twist your hair up to the crown of your head.

• Use tons of bobby pins to secure your twist

•Hairspray the hell out of it.

Courtesy of: Jillian Grace Salon

4. Rope Twist Bun

When normal people where this out it is usually pretty loose. However, this will not do for ballet class. It is the same steps just tighter. It is super easy.


• Put your hair in a high pony tail

•Take two sections and twist them around each other as tight as possible

•Twist the twist around your ponytail in the natural direction it wants to go. 

•Pin as you go 

Final Result :)

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