Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Hello! Hope everyone had a great Christmas. New Years is just in 5 days so, it is time to start thinking of new years resolutions. Don't worry I got you covered. Instead of one, plain, boring, useless, no good promise, I have made come up with twelve. You focus on one for a month and hopefully it will become a good habit by the end of the year. The overall theme for the year is a balanced lifestyle. It sounds much more rewarding than 'becoming healthy' or 'getting abs' don't you think? Ok, lets get on with it.

My Guide to a Balanced Lifestyle

January: Un-Clutter your room/ house- Raise your hand if you have a very, very, very messy room *raises hand slowly*.  I love it when my room is clean I just don't like cleaning it.  How great would it be if you didn't have to put your arms in front of you like Frankenstein to catch yourself incase you tripped over something in the middle of the night. Your mom will love it too.

February: Go to bed earlier- By getting a full nights sleep you will definitely feel the difference. Your brain can actually have the power to think. WOW! I wonder what that feels like. Seriously though. Just imagine the possibilities.

March: Cross train-  My physical therapist told me by doing repetitive exercise, such as dance, can make us more prone to injuries. Switch up the routine. For starters, do 5 minutes of an ab workout or walk your dog around the block 3 days a week. On weekends do yoga go skiing (if you have snow, duh.) Your body will thank you.

April: Cut back on junk- You need to start getting that bikini body right? It's the simple things that count. Switching out the potato chips for pretzel sticks or the soda for the water. Of course, you can have things in moderation. Visit this website to help keep track of the things you are eating. They also have an app on itunes.
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May: Read more books- Yay school's almost out! By reading 15 minutes a night it will keep your brain up to speed. Results may vary

June: Drink more water- We all know we need to drink more water. Need I say more?

July: Less excuses- My favorite quote is "Are your excuses more important that your dreams?" It really reminds me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it so why make excuses?

August: Try new things- We can get in a routine of doing the same thing everyday. Go out there and be adventurous! You might even find a new hobby or talent.

September: Spend more time with family- I know we all hear it but we should be grateful for family. Sometimes we seem like we hate our parents and siblings, but someday they will be separated from us and we will wish we spent more time with them.

October: Less Screen time- It can be easy to get addicted to your phone. Believe me! Instead of chatting with your friends through instant messages meet up with them. Your relationship will grow and you have lots of fun. There is much more away from the screen.

November: Be more positive- If you're always negative life probably isn't as good as it can be. More things are possible with a good mindset. Don't wait for life to get better go out there and get it.

December: Start a journal- Reflect on the year. You will realize all the things you accomplish and it will make you feel great. Also reflect on the things you could of done better and aim for those in the coming year.

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