Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Best Ballet Movies

1. Maos Last Dancer- This movie is about a young boy, Li Cunxin, who is chose by the chinese government to study ballet. He later travels to Houston to dance with the Houston Ballet. Meanwhile, he is secretly dating a dancer, Elizabeth Mackey. The Chinese government wants to bring him back to China. He struggles with the decision whether he should stay in America or go back to China and be with his family. This is my personal favorite movie. The movie is inspired by a autobiography written by Li Cunxin.
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2. Black Swan- Nina is a ballerina with the New York City Ballet. Her life revolves entirely around ballet. She is picked as the artistic directors first choice to be the Swan Queen in the ballet Swan Lake. She finds herself competing for the part with a fellow dancer. This causes her to lose a complete grip on reality.
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3. The Turning Point- Telling the stories of two women. Deedee left her dance career to become wife, mother, and teacher in Oklahoma. Emma became a prima ballerina at American Ballet Theatre. Both want what the other has. They are brought together when Deedee's daughter joins the company.

Mikhail Baryshnikov and Leslie Browne
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4. First Position- Pretty sure everyone has heard of this movie. Incase you haven't, it is following the lives of 6 young, promising dancers. They compete at Youth America Grand Prix in New York which could change their dancing careers.
Miko Fogarty 
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5. Ballerina- A documentary that follows five ballerinas from the Mariinsky Ballet. Really all I have to say about that one.
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