Monday, May 4, 2015

Extraordinary Dancers

There are dancers we look up to because of their beautiful technique and artistry. Then there are others that stand out from the crowd and do something extraordinary (and they are wonderful dancers as well.) These are the dancer that are truly inspiring and pave the way for dancers to come.

Now who has heard the song, "Take Me to Church" by Hozier. Ummm everybody because it was on the radio like Anyway, a ballet dancer named Sergei Polunin put the music behind the dancing and it turned out absolutely beautiful.

If you can't tell does not look like your average Joe dancer. What you don't see every day is a dancer  all tatted up. Now that isn't the only thing that makes him outstanding. He is the youngest ever to be a principal dancer with the Royal Ballet. He was only 19 and only 13 when he started training strictly ballet! He quit the Royal Ballet because he said he was so unhappy that the artist in him was dying

Lately, Misty Copeland has been blowing up in the media, and for good reason! Most people know her story, but incase you don't I'll give you a summary. She started dancing when she was thirteen. Thirteen! That is really late to start dancing. Yes she had incredible natural talent, but it didn't come easy for her. If you read her book, Life in Motion, it will go into more depth. Her family had financial issues with paying for the classes and her shoes and it was hard being accepted into summer intensives and ballet academies because she had colored skin and her body shape wasn't ideal for ballet. Through all that, she persevered and is now a soloist with American Ballet Theatre.

You can order her book on Amazon 
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   Today, a Russian ballerina, Maya Plisetskaya died at age 89. She joined Bolshoi Ballet at age eighteen and danced in the company until she was 65! Your heard me right, 6-5. (Fun fact: did you know that Bolshoi in Russian means best or great so it is literally called the best ballet.) For some time she wasn't allowed to tour with the company because of her family background with the Soviet Union. You are never too old to dance! 

She is 61 in this video. And look at her arms! 
Is it even human for them to move like that?

You can read more about her in this article

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