Thursday, March 26, 2015

5 Reasons Why Ballet Dancers are Better

1. We turn out better (duh)

Not only is our legs able to turn out to 180 degrees which is impressive to the average joe, we are just awesome people. We learn discipline, manners, and good work ethic. These are skills we will carry on for the rest of our life no matter what career path we choose to take. 

2. We are Flexible

Not in our time because I don't know about you but I have dance almost every day leaving no time for regular stuff. The reason this makes us awesome is because we can reach things that fall off our bed with our feet in any position. I mean, why else would we stretch?

Look how heavy metal this is
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3. We are way more hardcore than you

We have to put all our body weight on our toes. Look me in the eye at tell that is not hard. So next time you explain to us that ballet is SOOO easy, we will cut you. 

4. Our makeup will look way better than yours

Trust me we have had plenty of practice. It can take hours to put on stage makeup. And those fake eyelashes. Don't even get me started. If you want to your makeup to be on fleek, I would consult a dancer not a makeup stylist. Have you seen the makeup they wear at Sephora? S

5. We basically know another language

Lets not forget that ballet terminology is all french. There are a bagillion terms that we know from the top our head. What does Jeté mean? Easy, to throw. Fondue? No not strawberries and chocolate it means to melt. You were close though. We are basically fluent. 

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