Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Daily Stretching Routine

We all stretch during our dance classes, but to make progress go much quicker it is important to stretch at home at least 4 times a week if not daily. Before you start be sure that you are completely warmed up. I do this by running five minutes of running on the treadmill or 75 jumping jacks.

 I like to focus on one or two areas at a time until I am satisfied and can move to the next area. Of course I do a full body stretch, just not so strenuous in the rest of the areas. At the moment I am working on my hips and achieving a flat grande jeté. These are the two most troubling areas for me because my hips are naturally turned in and even though my hamstrings are stronger than they are flexible making it hard for my leaps to be flat

After warming up a do simple stretches to prepare my muscles. I start out with a lung to stretch the hip flexor. Grab your back foot to incorporate the quad and deepen your stretch

I then loosen up my hamstrings just by leaning over with my feet parallel in front of me. I hold this stretch for a minute. For thirty seconds I flex my feet and straighten my back.

Now on to the hips. UGHHHHHHHH. I have to do it though. I start with three basic stretches

I look so done in this photo haha

When I am done crying I will get into some intense s**t. Not really.  I open my legs as far as they go which is not very far and lean forward and hold for 45 seconds. I do the same thing shifting side to side.

My dog really wanted to be in the photo

To wrap up the intense hip torture I hold a my middle splits for 30 seconds and wall stretch for 3 minutes.

I'll take a one minute to pull myself together and then do my splits which don't really hurt anymore so I will grab my back leg

To conclude, I will then do my super splits and back ups

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