Friday, October 17, 2014

Strengthening Exercises For Pointe

Very few dancers have perfect and strong feet when they first pointe; I definitely didn't. There is a way to get around these weird characteristics that make it difficult to start pointe. With some Thera-Band and pointe exercises (Plus some blisters), your feet will be stage ready in no time!

Thera-Band Arch Strengthening (This one is very common but I thought I'd share any way)

1. Start with your Thera-Band around the ball of your foot.
2. Slowly flex and point rolling through your foot. (20x or more)

Thera Band Ankle Exercise

1. Start with your Thera-Band around the ball of your foot.

2. Cross your opposite foot on your ankle and press the Thera-Band tight
3. Sickle your foot, ew (20x or more)

4. Opposite way. This time you bebbel your foot.


Try picking up pieces of clothing with your toes. This will make your toes super buff

Pointe Shoe Toe Exercise

1. Rise up on to the the pleats of your shoe (3/4 pointe)

2. Push up onto to top of your box

3. Go back to 3/4 pointe (16x or more)

Exercise for hops en pointe
1. Rise up onto full pointe in parallel or first position

2. "Lock" your ankles

3. Return to first position or parallel (16x or more)

If you seek help with your alignment of your feet en pointe, then check out this video

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