Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Down Low on Ballet West's Summer Intensive

This summer I attended Ballet West's Summer Intensive. I learned a lot, met some cool people, and most importantly it was super fun!

It being my first SI, I thought it was a perfect choice. It was one of the easy ones to get into. The majority of the people that auditioned got in, which was great. Even if you didn't get in you were accepted to attend a pre-intensive. It is 4 weeks long and the same hours of dance. It's a great opportunity. I got in to the full summer intensive so I don't have all that much info about the pre-intensive.

Everyday you start off at 9 am with a two hour ballet technique class. This was personally my favorite class because we could take our time doing barre exercises. We never need to cut class short. It was awesome! After, depending on your level, you had a hour and a half lunch break or pointe class. Everyday you take a repotory or variations class. That's a total of 3 hours on pointe D: Bring lots of Band-aids. You end the day with jazz or contemporary. Not too bad.

One side note is that most intensives I've heard of have an end performance; Ballet West does not. I personally like performing but it is way more fun dancing rather than cleaning formations. Another side note is that Phillip and an assistant come from Empire Dance Shop in Spokane, Washington. I would definitely take advantage of this opportunity, even if you think that your pointe shoes are the right ones for you. I had the hardest time finding the right pointe shoes and he found the perfect pair. He also brings in tons of leotards, Muk Luks, unitards, tights, and pointe shoe essentials.

Of course, there are many other programs you can go to, but if you can't decide which one visit this site.

BW Corps Artist Joshua Whitehead

BW Soloist Beckanne Sisk

BW Soloist Allison Debona

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